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Prestige Timepieces provides a thorough and reliable repair and restoration service for antique clocks and watches. High quality modern clocks are also serviced. My service provides for the overhaul of most kinds of Wall, Mantle and Longcase (Grandfather) clocks, as well as Atmos, 400 day (Anniversary), and French Carriage clocks.

In our well equipped workshops we are also able to service and repair many kinds of wrist and pocket watches, including American Railroad. Each timepiece in my possession is treated with the utmost care and integrity and returned to the owner in a timely manner.

My Service

My policy is to restore each timepiece as carefully as possible using mainly traditional methods and materials. For a full overhaul each movement is disassembled, cleaned and brushed to restore the original finish, re-assembled, oiled, and run for a two week period to ensure accurate timekeeping. Each timepiece in my procession is treated with the utmost care until returned to the owner. About Mike Harbott

I have been involved in horology for almost 50 years having been taught watch repairing whilst still in my teens, in Essex, England. During a successful career in Mechanical Engineering in England, Africa and Canada I was able to practice the craft of clock and watch repairing on a part time basis. Following my retirement from Canadian Airlines in 1996, I formed Prestige Timepieces and have devoted my time to the conservation and restoration of Antique clocks and watches.

Most of my work comes from private individuals and some from a local retail outlet. I have well equipped workshops and have the necessary skills and equipment to perform most required work. For some specialized work i.e. gilding, case restoration, I use outside sources.

Being a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, The Antiquarian Society, and The British Horological Institute I am able to keep abreast of the latest developments in repair and restoration.

I look forward to meeting you and taking care of all your watch and clock repair needs..

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Prestige Timepieces is located in the beautiful Tsawwassen area of Delta, British Columbia directly north of the Washington State community of Point Robert's.

Please contact me at mharbott@dccnet.com or Ph: (604) 943-7375.

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